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Leslee Hood Beautify Your Gram
I just need to thank Cassia for making my IG look so damn good! It is beautiful, organized, BRANDED, and she even taught me how to use Planoly.
She definitely signed her work with excellence, and really has taught me so much about branding. I could not have made my IG look like that without her!
I also LOOOOOVE that I have IG posts scheduled and ready to go. It has been a wonderful feeling not having to be tied to my phone to post on social media. Because it's done!
- Leslee Hood of Soul Comfort Haven
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This is the perfect for you if you meet the following criteria:


  • You’re an overwhelmed female entrepreneurs

  • You’re not good at creating visuals at all

  • Struggle with keeping a cohesive and consistent theme

  • Your Instagram Feed is something you want to step back from being actively apart of

  • You are in desirous of having a right hand woman to handle this for you



  • Waking up, getting on with your day and not having to worry about social media posts for that day and every day for that matter

  • You can go on with more important tasks such as revenue generating tasks

  • No more mental interruptions or the clutter of having to think about your Instagram Feed

  • Simply capture the moments while Beautify Your ‘Gram takes care of the rest

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What's Inside?

You might worry that no one else writes and speaks like you, no worries this is not social media management, well not entirely, you are still in control.

All BYG takes care of is curating content visuals and having it scheduled out in advance so you don’t have to and you are sure your Instagram feed is always populated and active with content.

In a nutshell you get:

  • 1 brainstorm session per month

  • Instagram Feed MakeOver

  • 30 images per month

  • Advanced scheduling of posts

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