3 Easy Steps To Selecting The Perfect BRAND DESIGNER

3 Easy Steps to Selecting the Perfect Brand Designer

After you have found a designer or design company you would like to hire, here are a few things to consider when making the final decision.

1) Experience & Portfolio

When it comes to designers, one size does not fit all. There seems to be this misconception that a designer should be able to do it all. Every designer has their niche, even if they do not know it yet. All creatives have projects that suit their style and aesthetic best, these are the projects that they are passionate about and the ones that excite them. You want to check out their practical experience and no matter how much formal training or lack thereof, in this field the portfolio is king. This is the best way to see if they are qualified and if their style matches what they are looking for. Its all about finding the right fit for you and your project. Personally, I love working with women as my graphic style is very feminine. I struggle or a stretch creatively to design things for construction or motor car industry. I hate when persons recommend persons from these fields to me. So check their portfolio. Many industries have professionals that have their special niche. If lawyers and doctors have niches, it's no different here.

2) Organized and thorough design process

Working with an organized designer with a thorough process, will determine the kind of service you will receive and even any after sales service. Often times clients make the wrong choice and when time comes to get the correct file format which a non-professional designer would not even have a clue about clients are left high and dry, let’s not even talk about if its for web design which is much more complex and definitely needs consistent maintenance and service which can be a nightmare, but that is a whole other post. Your logo design experience should be an enjoyable experience. It’s also a collaboration between you the client and the designer. The designer cannot create the logo of your dreams without your involvement. Just a bonus tip to keep in mind.

3) Does your designer use a vector based program

I speak on this from time to time, but this is not common knowledge. Neither do I expect non-designers to know this, which is why there are a lot of unqualified persons who just got a pirated copy of photoshop, they may make some extra cash or have a side hustle “doing graphics” but are in no way qualified to do logo design. A logo should and must be created in a vector based program. Commonly used is Adobe Illustrator. Corel draw is another that used to be the industry standard and there may be others I am not aware of. So this is why I simply emphasise your logo should be natively created in a vector based program. This will help you seed out the apples from the fruit loops!

Caio! For now!