5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Do A DIY Logo


First, of we’ll start with the definition of a logo. A logo is a small design adopted by an organisation/ business to identify the business and a visual representation of such. With that being said it is easy to see how crucial this phase of building your visual brand identity is. Creating a logo is a process. There are just no two ways about that.

A cleverly done logo will have the subliminal symbolism of the name or what the organisation stands for cleverly designed into the logo. This is not something just anyone can do. This is where the pro’s come in.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t have a DIY logo done.

1) A logo should be timeless

Now while companies rebrand and get their whole visual identity over done or updated every couple of years our so. A logo usually is something pretty permanent and you want to take the time to have a professional take their time to assess your business and what it stands for. A professional design company would have had years of experience plus training in design whether formally or self-taught. Designers really study design and its an art. A pro will craft you a timeless logo that can stand the test of time.

2) Branding

A logo would be the first thing customers will see when it comes to identifying your business or making any contact with your business. Your logo should be reflective of your brand values and concisely articulate what your organisation or business is about.

3) Diy logos have an amateur finish

Marketing is very psychological and there's a whole bunch of factors that play into the mind of a buyer to make them buy. You friend might be able to do a “pretty” flyer but a logo is a whole other cup of tea.You may think that your friend, cousin, sister or whoever may have a talent for design but on the contrary people are able to FEEL when a logo was not done professionally and it leaves an impression about your business whether you or they recognise it or not.

4) Colour Theory

Now while the psychology of colour is highly debated, there is no denying that colour plays a part in aligning perception of a company’s image. For example, would you buy a bottled water that was 80% red and 20% orange? I highly doubt it.

5) The design is not versatile

Now here is the next aspect that is highly overlooked. Having your logo created in the correct format. There is something called vector that allows a logo to be scaled beyond your wildest imagination that not even photoshop can effectively do. Most DIY’ers don’t have the skill to execute this and are not even aware of the various file formats that the logo should clearly be able to be reproduced in. Example, white on transparent background, black and white versions, png, vector as previously mentioned, black only, etc

In closing there is so much more to logo design that meets the eye. There are many designers out there who would be more than happy to work with you. If budget is an issue no worries, there is a designer to suit almost any budget. Be upfront about your budget and TIP ask if they use a vector based program to create their logos. This is a major way to separate the pros from the mouse jockeys.