Create a Membership Site with Squarespace

Learn how to create a membership site with Squarespace

To answer this question the answer is a solid yes!

There seems to be a misconception that you cannot create membership websites on Squarespace. And to be fair that’s totally understandable. Why?

Because if you talk to Squarespace Customer Care, they will tell you it’s not possible. You must be wondering well why. If Customer said no it must be no. But keep reading…

Because Squarespace does not provide that feature natively in Squarespace they will tell you this. But its certainly possible with 3rd Party Apps aka “plugins” so if you want to keep your content on your site or you want to create the experience of a Membership Website you would want to explore these 3rd Party Options.

There are two main ones that I am aware of. The first one being the most commonly used and I have used and experienced myself as a student of someone’s course.

  1. Memberspace

  2. GoPaywall

Now let's dive into each one briefly. I have no experience in using the former two, so I can only share information from their websites, that you can further investigate for yourself.

The point is, I wanted to share the information that it is possible to turn your a Squarespace site can be a membership site and provide you with a place to start.






So I hope this Blog Post debunked another Myth, and helps point you in the right direction to creating a membership site on Squarespace.

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