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Debunking some Myth about poor SEO on Squarespace...

There seems to be a Myth floating around, that have people scared out their wits about Squarespace, when it comes to SEO. I have heard that Squarespace is not SEO friendly and I am not sure who is spreading these rumours but, it’s simply not true. So today I will dish the real tea, I mean facts on Squarespace SEO.

Don’t worry the Branding Queen gots yo back!

Sidenote, if you want to learn more about the Basic of SEO, check out ma girl April Mechler, SEO is her jam.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving your site's ranking in search results. While the factors search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use to rank sites are kept secret and change frequently, Squarespace builds all known SEO best practices into every Squarespace site.

So first off there is an SEO Section inside the Squarespace back end on the left. Below you will see there is an area for Site Title and Description. What you write here is important and is a foundational step in getting found in Google or any search engine for that matter. Below you will how what you write corresponds with what shows up in Google Search results.

The Impact of on your SEO with Squarespace The Branding Queen CDB design studio

The next thing you want to ensure that is on point is your content. It does not matter what platform you are on, poor content, with no strategy, and the wrong use of keywords is not going result in great SEO returns, you have to seduce Google and how else do we seduce is by giving that particular entity what it wants. It’s like social media algorithm, I call it a monster that you have to keep feeding. On social media you feel the monster by keeping your aidience engaged and the Algorithm Monster will stay satisfied and happy, making you happy. I know that is over simplifying it but simple is sometimes what we need right. So lets keep it KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid! So you get my point, so moving on....


Another great way to drive traffic to your site and get high quality SEO is to have your links on other sites, these are usually in the form of features on high quality websites, which are usually a bit more challenging to get features on, but that’s okay get featured and when you do no matter the site, ensure that your feature on their website links back to your website and even better pages on your website. There are things you might say that can link back to a blog article you might have written where the reader can learn more about what you are talking about in the feature. The more inbound links the better. It’s not all about content creation but everything works together as a team.

I always tell people that they need to promote their site as much as possible, work your site, pimp it out get people visiting your site and touching you site as much as possible. This comes in handy when running FB Ads, with the FB Pixel installed on your website. More on that in another blog post. But long story short you want to have people to retarget and this is great for your SEO because you are retargeting people who already visited your site before which is great for your SEO ranking.

To learn more on this check out this post from Seo Mechanic - SEO Techniques: Why You Should Leverage Retargeting Adshttps://www.seomechanic.com/seo-techniques-retargeting-ads/

And well the proof is in the pudding:

It’s not that long ago I rebranded to embrace The Branding Queen as my Brand Name, and now when you search “branding queen”, this is the results. So just something to note branding wise, your business legal name does not have to be your brand name or your domain name but it must be structured in a way so as to avoid confusion. Want guidance on this feel free to set up a Brand Strategy session so we can chat about your options, if you are a client simply send an email my way.

The Impact of on your SEO with Squarespace The Branding Queen CDB design studio

Squarespace is a great option for busy entrepreneurs and business owners who really need to focus on getting cashflow in. You don’t need the higher maintenance of other platforms in your life. You can argue with me on this if you like but in all honestly Squarespace allows you to keep life simple while being powerful and efficient. It gets the job done. And in today’s age people are willing to pay to save time, as time a resource we cannot get back.

If you are on the fence about Squarespace because you are worried about SEO, I am here to say have no fear, Squarespace is here. No stress. No worries.

If you did not check out the FB Live that was done between myself and April Mechler, where were put up SS and WP side by side for you to compare, then go check it out below...

The Impact of on your SEO with Squarespace The Branding Queen CDB design studio

If you’d like to discuss your options feel free to get in contact and shoot me an email with your concerns and I would be happy to point you in the right direction. 


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