7 Reasons to Jump on the Squarespace Train

7 Reasons to Jump on the Squarespace Train New York Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean 7 Reasons to start using Squarespace

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan and advocate of Squarespace. Like everyone else I tried Wix and I hated it, it just never looked professional and always had an amateur DIY finish. And let’s be real who is going to take you seriously and have over their money if it just doesn’t look professional and legit. No one. Then I tried Weebly and it was great there. I did opt-ins there closed clients and everything but then it came a time when it was time to level up to something more professional.

I noticed it really came down to Wordpress and Squarespace, I was going to move to Wordpress but I decided to try Squarespace and I have been in loveeeeee ever since. I was sold when I saw everyone in the creative entrepreneur niche, people who make a huge chunk of change, have a huge following and all use Squarespace. So many people I even looked up too, use Squarespace so I was like if it’s good for them it’s more than good for me.

Not to mention I went through the 14 day trial and I loved it to fast forward to today I now specialize in Squarespace Web Design mainly because I love it so much. That’s how it all began. Don’t get me wrong Wordpress is cool and I know exactly what theme I would use if I wanted to build a site there but all this to say, Squarespace is my preference and for very good reasons.

While I could share with you ALL the reasons to go with Squarespace, today I am sticking with 7 Reasons you should build your website on Squarespace:

  1. Their clean, modern and professional interface

  2. It’s user friendly

  3. It’s mobile friendly and compatible across all devices

  4. It’s all in one service

  5. Your very own IT team

  6. No worries

  7. No coding necessary

1) Their clean, modern and professional interface

As a brand strategist and being in the design world for a decade now. And someone who understands the importance of presentation, as to how you present yourself to the world. Image and looks are everything. It’s the reason we spend time choosing the right outfit for an interview or that first date.

It’s the reason why we see our hair-dressers or the barber every couple of weeks and go shopping for new clothes. It’s why we get business cards for networking events, etc. It comes down to looking and feeling professional and just feeling good. It should be no different for your businesses website. You never want to look in appropriate and we never go outside looking like a bum, so yeah, it’s no different with your website. The thing that makes you money. 

The great thing about Squarespace it aids you to step out with a professional look from the start no matter if you’re on a tight budget or hiring a designer to do your site for you. They give you the opportunity to start looking professional from the very start with their carefully designed and curated library of templates.

2) It’s extremely user friendly

This one is a big deal, especially for those who believe they are not tech savvy. Which I honestly believe every human being on this earth is tech savvy. It’s just a mindset to be willing to learn something new. It is not hard. You have to spend the time to learn. We are in a technological world and you have to become tech literate to some degree. The world is only going to progress further and you do not want to be that old-granny forever asking for help. Okay! Just kidding but seriously…

Squarespace makes things easy for you on the back end with their easy drag and drop interface, easy to insert widgets, and it’s extremely intuitive interface. It’s pretty hard not to figure things out even if you come across a stumbling block. The learning curve is very minimal and I am sure you have heard that Wordpress has a steep learning curve. While it isn’t hard there is a learning curve but Squarespace has one too like every new thing but it’s very minimal.

3) It’s mobile friendly

In an age where we are more on our phones because its the most mobile thing to use on the go or even out tablets, it’s very important to put together a mobile site aka mobile responsive site with ease. By default all Squarespace websites are mobile responsible from the very start. There isn’t any extra steps to make it mobile friendly besides making sure the photos and text are layout with consideration for mobile view but more on that in another post, video or you definitely learn more about the nitty gritty aspect of this in my Squarespace course called Elevate.

4) It’s an all-in-one service

When you host your website on the Squarespace platform by default you do not need hosting from another service provider, actually it is not even possible. When you are on the Squarespace platform and you purchase their plan it includes their amazing IT team at your disposal, hosting for your site, the platform itself, and templates. You never need to instal plugins and remember to update them, no need to worry about security, no need to worry about an SEO plugin, Squarespace has everything you need built in and when you purchase their yearly plan you can get your domain for free for the first year but if you have a domain already, no worries, you can simply connect your (already purchased) domain, in as easy as 1, 2, 3 and you’re done!

5) Your very own IT team, meaning loads of support

Coming off of the last point where I mentioned their amazing IT team, when you’re with Wordpress you’re pretty much on your own, left to the discussion boards or hiring a Wordpress developer or designer for support along the way. With Squarespace you just call them or open a chat and there is no long waiting time and their team responds to your problem and resolves it pretty quickly. I love their support. I hardly every need to use it but if you do, you are in dedicated good hands. And if there is a Squarespace wide problem which is extremely rare, you can always count on their twitter page to keep you updated with updates from being aware of the issue, the progress of the problem being resolved to when the problem becomes resolved. Problems are usually resolved in hours. Squarespace is spectacular with their support, that I cannot rave enough about it.

6) No worries, easy breez

I know I mentioned this before but I need to make a special point to point out that you never have to worry about maintenance. On Squarespace maintenance tasks like updating plugins and security are done for you. If you are familiar with the terms managed hosting, with Squarespace it’s basically like having managed hosting where the hosting company takes care of everything for you but because there is no need for plugins, there really isn’t much to manage to begin with.

7) No coding necessary!

I know, I know. I know, when you think websites you think, omg no way, I hate coding or I need to know how to code, that DIY-ing or maintaining my website myself is just way tooooooo hard.

But not in this digital age we are in. While coding is a great skill to have, its also not necessary when it comes to building, maintaining and making changes to your own website. You CAN do this! It’s so possible. On Squarespace there is ZERO need to learn code. On Wordpress while you can do wordpress without code you still may run into technical troubles that require an expert and that require code. My Wordpress friends might come for me but let’s be honest this is true, there are those occasions when it happens and it’s best to consult an expert and no Google is not what I mean.

With Squarespace it’s a WYSIWYG editor, which is short for “What You See Is What You Get”, which means whatever your building on Squarespace you are seeing it as you build and as you go along, so the back end is not even really a back end per se in my opinion apart of seeing your settings, options and tools, it’s really like designing in Canva and if you have used Canva you should feel even more confident to jump on the Squarespace train.

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