How much does Squarespace Cost? I hear Squarespace is expensive!

How much does Squarespace Cost I hear Squarespace is expensive New York Trinidad Tobago Jamaica Barbados Caribbean Orlando Miami California Atlanta Texas New Jersey

One of the many popular questions I get asked and understandably so is, how much does Squarespace cost? Or the other thing regarding price is that it’s expensive.

And when we use the word expensive, expensive is pretty much relative? Relative meaning it’s a subjective thing and it’s about what matters to you. Do you prefer an all in one solution, something that makes your life easier, are on the fence of a website because of how intimidating it is, worried about viruses, hackers, coding, maintenance, having access to support?

All of these things are non-issues on the Squarespace platform. It’s a place you can call home and feel comfortable and that is what home should feel like, even when it comes to your businesses online home.

So how much does Squarespace cost? You can see the plans and compare them at the link here and image below:

How much does Squarespace Cost I hear Squarespace is expensive New York Trinidad Tobago Jamaica Barbados Caribbean Orlando Miami California Atlanta Texas New Jersey Squarespace is expensive

But I also want to give guidance and recommendation because the next question is, which package is right for me.

If you’re on a strict budget then of course start with the entry level package and choose the annual plan is you want to get the free domain by paying annually. Another option is to choose the monthly plan and buy your domain for a cheaper rate at a 1and1 Domains ( or GoDaddy. 

You will then connect your domain from these sites to your Squarespace account after you purchase your Squarespace plan. You can find instructions on how to do this here with step by step instructions.

Which plan should you choose?

Personal Plan

  •  if you are on a tight budget.

Business Plan 

  • definitely is the ideal option if your business is primarily service based. This even means if you have a service based business but you sell a few physical products to compliment your service based business.

eCommerce Plan - Basic

  • If you have a retail type business with 10 to 12 products that you sell, example if you have a hair/ product line, or something that doesn’t have a lot of inventory. If you have 20 plus products, like an electronics store, a fashion store where you sell clothes etc, you would want to explore Shopify, as Shopify is perfect for persons with larger inventory. If you have a retail business and you are unsure about Shopify or Squarespace, shoot me an email to if you need help to decide. 

Sometimes I still recommend Squarespace depending on your business systems or strategy for payments and fulfillment or if you are not very advanced and looking to purchase my Squarespace Course to help you set up your website.

So this pretty much sums up pricing. Is Squarespace expensive? No it is not.

What’s expensive is the stress and headache of troubling shooting something that isn’t as use friendly, dealing with code when you don’t have to and looking for a someone to help you and the expensive of hiring them to fix it when it becomes broken.

When you have the support that Squarespace offers which is friendly, prompt and efficient, you are never alone, you never have to worry about looking for a web developer to help you fix something that is broken. When you are with Squarespace it’s like having your very own IT team at your finger tips. 

A whole team backing you and supporting you. Not to mention that you have lots of free themes to choose from and there are sites like that you can visit to purchase a theme to make life easier when it comes to getting a design for your online home that you absolutely love, however if you’re great with design the themes available on Squarespace is a great foundation to start with. So browse and decide! 

But when you are on Squarespace you have hundreds of themes at your disposal all included in your Squarespace plan.

And when you purchase my course you gain my Circle Member savings on your Squarespace Plan.

So did you enjoy this article? I love hearing from you, leave a comment below if this article was helpful.