We Have Deadlines Too...

I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s not just about you...well ONLY that is. What do I mean by that?

Well let me tell you: As creative businesses we spend a lot of time and resources developing content, emails and blog posts. We emphasize through many channels, be it social media pages, groups, newsletters, live videos, our process of doing things and that you must book and that there are deadlines in place.

In a marketing environment we stress the importance of planning and proper strategy and so we have deadlines in order for our clients to get the best results and get the best work possible.

Yet our fellow business owners often times is the norm to expect that they come to creative businesses basically breathless, there is always urgency at the 99th hour, and everything was needed yesterday.

I want to politely say, well you needed to book two days before yesterday if that’s the case. We understand things happen, we understand needs arise without you realizing it. But what brings me to write this post is because it almost always happens and far too frequently to be a case of something came up. We take far too long to make decisions and at the last minute we suddenly get a moment of genius decisiveness. C'mon really?

I’m sorry no, that is not going to work because guess what we have deadlines too. When you show up at the 99th hour we are in process with another’s client project whose deadline we have to meet.

It’s just that as creative agencies or businesses this is almost always the case. It’s a service not a product that is sitting waiting to be sold. So its unrealistic to expect we are just sitting waiting for your last minute project to arrive because you took weeks to decide when we already outlined all the reasons why this is the solution to your problem.

We get it you need time to sleep on it, assess if this is really the solution you need at this time just please respect we have deadlines too, so when you have finally made a decision understand that there is a project in queue and and we can only book you for the next available slot. You have deadlines and we do too.

We are not your employees for hire but PARTNERS in your business to help you achieve your goals, as such we need to be given that respect. Respect the Process. We all have procedures and guidelines to be followed.