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Tea Time | The Podcast with Cassia Marina

Surprise! Yes, I have a Podcast, just like that!

That's the thing, that is a beauty of podcasting, its quick and easy to get going. In my Introduction Episode, I tell you what and why I decided to create a Podcast for Tea Time.

In a nutshell, I hate blogging, I know hate is a bit of a strong word but I am not a big fan on writing and having to format everything, it's just too much work for me. Podcasting is the most easiest way to put out content and while I love doing LIVE videos and sharing content on IG Stories, Podcasts is another way to compliment the content that I already put out and allows me to keep my blog on my website active.

To know more on why I created a Podcast and if it might help you decide on if to create one, you can listen to the Welcome Episode here.


And if not you can jump straight to Episode #002, where I share the difference between all three and the purpose each one serves.

So get your tea, your coffee or your wine (yes I said wine) I totally welcome wine any day and let's chat!