Instagram Audit Questionnaire


In order for me to complete a proper comprehensive audit for you, I will need to get to know more about your business, it’s objectives, goals and who you serve. I have put together a form as succinct as possible so as to not overwhelm you with questions but get the information that I need.

Name *
Who is your target audience, describe them in as many details as possible.
What is your unique selling point in other words what makes you unique and why should people buy from your over your competitors.
Think of measurable and specific goals. Eg. I want to 50 additional followers on Instagram each month or I want to increase sales or enquiries by 40%. Think measurable and specific, it can be anything. It doesn’t only have to pertain to Instagram or social media just your business goals in general.
Leave your audit questions that you will like me to answer during the audit I will be recording, as it’s not live, this is your opportunity to ask me anything related to Instagram: