You are here because you understand the VALUE of an online home that works as hard as you do in your business and you want to start automating everything through your website without having to sacrifice a spectacular website in order to have a functional website.

If this is you let’s hop on a consultation. If this isn’t you, keep reading.


The way you think of website’s is about to change


Often times I see people stuck. Stuck jumping from platform to platform, going back on forth on which platform to go with or the design and how they want it to look. Which of course are very important things but the most important thing that is over looked before you get to these things is.

What’s the purpose of your website?

What is the goal of the site? What things are your site supposed to accomplish? And before you say SALES, be more specific, what would you need your site to do to result in more sales? What experience should your visitor have? What information do you need the site to provide to be the most strategic it can be. No more static look book websites, okay?

Because your website is your online home or digital business hub it’s very critical that you:

Have a website and that’s set up correctly.

The is the place where sales happen, followers are converted to leads, portfolio’s are browsed, products are purchased, curious people learn all about your business and all social media account connect in one place.

It’s the heartbeat of your online business.

Social media is great for meeting new people. Think of it like a networking event, you meet new people, you get more eyes on you and you find new business you are interested in as well but you don’t sit in a networking space and conduct business, now do you? Social media is a networking space hence why it called “social” media.



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Why I Choose & Recommend Squarespace


As mentioned early on, the goal of your website is very important it will dictate how it needs to function and this functionality with determine which platform is best for you.

There are many platforms to choose from out there and I will give a quick breakdown on the ones I recommend:

Squarespace is my platform of choice for service based businesses.

WordPress if you need special customization but its for more a tech savvy person who has the time to spend learning it as well at some point or the other you may need developer support. Many people will tell you, you don’t but it can be a lot when something is not working properly. Great for both service based and retail/ product based business.

Shopify for an easy, user friendly eCommerce website. Squarespace has eCommerce but Shopify was built for eCommerce. So if you have a full fledged retail business then Shopify is what you will need.

Kajabi for a membership site and or online school.

At the end of the day I strongly-recommend Squarespace first unless you have other specific needs that Squarespace might not be the best fit for.



I have put together below Why Squarespace:

1) Squarespace is affordable.

Squarespace plans range from $18 per month to $26 per month. Considering the level of dedicated support that Squarespace offers, it’s like having your own I.T. department in-house.

No need to purchase any themes, when themes can range from $10 to $200 depending on where you buy them and what you need, with Squarespace you don’t pay for any themes and you can change as often as you like even though you probably should not change your theme often.

Free domain for the first year when you purchase the yearly plan.

Also SSL security included.

2) Squarespace is mobile friendly

With a Squarespace site you don’t need to worry about compatibility on any device, your site is rendered and compatible for any device.

3) Squarespace cuts down all the extra work

With Squarespace they offer everything you need in one place. No hassle of purchasing hosting, purchasing hosting and then tracking down the right theme from the never ending options out there, which can be quite overwhelming as well as then having to instal the thing. I’m exhausted just talking about it.

And then you also don’t have to worry about installing all the extra stuff like Yoast SEO, security, and whatever else you need and remembering to update these things.

4) Squarespace is easy to mange and build on your own

This means that even if you hired someone like my company to build it, it’s easy for you to add new pages and change things around if you would like or train an in-house employee to manage the site for you.

Absolutely no code is necessary for most things. And with their easy drag and drop builder you’ll be a pro in no time.

5) Squarespace allows you a free trial

Squarespace allows you a free 2-week trial run so you can give it a go to feel it out. So you don’t need to spend a dime to see if you like it and if it suits your needs. And if you need more time, just contact customer support and they would extend the time of the trial for you.

To get started, simply visit their website and try it out for yourself!


Ready to build the website of your dreams?


Making the decision to finally build your website and build it the right way is a huge step for your business. Now that you are in the best frame of mind to build your website the right way, with a strategy and a plan, I can’t wait to see what you create!

You are now going to wow your customers and position your business as an authority and a leader because you are thinking strategically based on what they need and what they are looking for and your website will provide just that for them!